Young Adult Challenges

Having experienced a challenging adolescence myself, as a parent of young adults, and as a result of having spent time working in higher education, I have an excellent understanding of the emotional, mental health and social difficulties young adults often face in today’s fast paced and intimidating world.

While the situations in which a young adult might require help are endless, these commonly include:

  • Issues with family/teachers/friends
  • Sexuality
  • Self Harm
  • Anxiety
  • Examination stress
  • Identity crisis
  • Image and how they look
  • Relationships/friendship
  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Peer pressure/influence
  • Depression
  • Bereavement/loss

Young adult clients coming to see me will often have been encouraged to “see someone” by parents or guardians concerned about their moods or behaviours.

Meeting with me, or any counsellor or therapist, may well seem to the client to be some kind of effort by the adult world to interfere in a life which they are already finding difficult.

I go to great lengths to establish from the outset that our consultations are safe, private and confidential.

While I am mindful of the concerns of family who may have sent a young adult to me to begin with, my obligation is entirely to the client her/himself.

My interest is solely in helping her or him to explore issues which may be contributing to their problem, and to find ways of modifying how they think about these.

This will usually comprise of relationships, rules, beliefs and perceptions which may have been, or may still be being, imprinted on them by others, but which may be causing them anxiety or to behave in ways that are a threat to themself or which threaten their ability to exist in harmony with others.

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